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We connect you to your business environment.

SAE Monthly meetings

The country's major political, economy and business issues are presented.

SAE Annual Convention

APOYO Consultoría and special guests present their view of the business environment for the next three years, with the objective of offering key information for the clients' strategic planning.


We connect you with relevant topics for your industry and the business environment.

SAE Special

Meetings presenting additional topics of relevance to the business environment that require specialized analysis.

SAE Special with authorities

Ministers and representatives of public institutions present the main lineaments of their management and respond to questions from our clients, without any press present.

Advisory services

We accompany you in your decision-making process.

"Tailor-made SAE" Presentations

Presented by the APOYO Consultoría team at the client's office, concerning the topics, markets and economy sectors most relevant to their business.

Consulting Services

Clients obtain opinions and prospects (macroeconomic and for each sector) from the SAE team, either over the telephone or via e-mail.


We offer you relevant information.

Economic outlook

Monthly report with the macroeconomic analysis and prospects from APOYO Consultoría about the main productive sectors.

SAE Report

Concise analyses about current issues relevant to business activity.

Market Reports "SAE Markets"

Analysis of the current situation and prospects of specific markets.

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