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As of Q3 2019, approximately US$ 420 million was spent on development through public-private partnerships (PPP) in Peru. This includes projects linked to highways, railroads, seaports and airports. Nevertheless, the aforementioned amount was 30% lower than the amount invested over the same period in 2018. This is a consequence of the difficulties of executing projects linked to highways and the term of the Línea 1 extension of the Lima Metro system.

A little over 60% of what was invested up to Q3 2019 stems from Línea 2 of the Lima Metro system. To date, they have made a progress of 30% in relation to the total amount of investment that the project requires, nowhere near what was originally planned by the concessionaire when the project was awarded to them.

The decline registered in Q3 2019 was compensated by progress in projects linked to airports and seaports. On the one hand, the restoration works of the Chiclayo airport runway, and the processes to start the restoration of the Piura airport runway are continuing. On the other hand, the works at the Port of Pisco are also continuing (registering a progress of close to 40%) as well as at the Port of Salaverry.

By the end of 2019, it is expected that the infrastructure investment through PPPs shall reach US$ 600 million, which would register its fourth year consecutively in decline. Despite the government having announced measures to accelerate investments–for example with the National Infrastructure Plan–no definite actions have been taken yet to materialize these.

Prospects of investment in public infrastructure

Infrastructure Market Report

En el 2019, la inversión en infraestructura alcanzó los US$680 millones, su menor nivel en ocho años.

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