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Main economies of Latin America

As of Q3 2019, the economic growth rate has stagnated at a low level. The slow economic growth is essentially caused by a debilitation of the main two motors that were driving recovery of private investment over the last year: global trade growth rates have decreased drastically and business expectations moderated. Additionally, several countries in the region have recently faced intense political and social unrest which has deteriorated the prospects of structural reforms to improve the business environment within the next few months. Hence, It’s most likely that in Q4 2019, economic growth in the region of Latin America will remain slow.

Prospects of the Latin American Region (Extract)

Main economies of Latin America Market Report

Ecuador es uno de los países de la región que está siendo más afectado por la crisis generada por el COVID-19. Es muy probable que haya problemas de solvencia en el sector privado ecuatoriano.

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