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Mass consumption

Low employment growth and wage stagnation in the last few months have affected the recovery of the mass consumption industry. In Q3 2019, the basket of consumer goods has started to fall again, after three quarters on the rise. Nevertheless, market dynamics show significant differences among channels and categories. The self-service channel continues to gain in importance due to its closer ties to higher income consumers and the expansion of new formats such as discount stores and convenience stores. As for categories, personal care and household goods are maintaining positive growth. These products are characterized by low market penetration and a high level of innovation.

Towards the end of the year, the basket of consumer goods will continue to decrease. However, there are two growth opportunities for market players. The growing trend of eating out is making it more and more relevant to develop products and commercial strategies focused on the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and catering). Likewise, after the implementation of the Healthy Food Law, consumers’ interest in healthy food has increased. Even though for the time being this mostly benefits fresh produce, it’s an opportunity to develop innovations in processed products.

Prospects of mass consumption (Extract)

Mass consumption Market Report

Severa caída en los ingresos de los NSE CDE, mayores impulsores de la demanda por productos de consumo masivo. Crecimiento atípico del sector durante la cuarentena aunque con diferencias notorias entre categorías.

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