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JUL_panorama económico
JUL_panorama económico
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Economic Outlook


At the end of the second quarter, there are no clear signs of a break in the economic cycle

During the second quarter, GDP would have grown at a higher rate than during the first quarter, mainly due to the recovery of the primary sectors.

The regularization of climatic conditions has boosted the growth of fishing and traditional agriculture. On the one hand, as of June 26, the first anchovy fishing season registered a progress of 98%, which would have allowed the sector to grow around 180% in Q2, compared to the same quarter of 2023. On the other hand, The production of the main traditional agricultural crops has been growing at a high rate due to the greater availability of water.

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The Executive-Legislative relationship strengthens amid political uncertainty

In the last month, the political panorama has been marked by the beginning of the electoral race. The electoral schedule requires possible candidates who want to participate in the next electoral process to be affiliated with a political organization.

President Boluarte opens new legal and political avenues, although her support in Congress remains solid

In the month of May, the Attorney General, Juan Carlos Villena, filed a constitutional complaint against President Dina Boluarte, for the alleged crime of improper passive bribery to the detriment of the State.

Households still do not perceive an improvement in the conditions for consuming, but this should begin to change in the next three months​

Those that were most affected by the protests and rains last summer, such as fishing, tourism, mining and public investment, have registered a clear rebound in their activity levels.

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