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Economic Outlook


Positive signs at the start of the year, but low economic growth is still expected

In the first few months of the year, the limited impact from the third wave of COVID-19 infections has enabled the sectors that had been lagging behind to experience a rebound. As a matter of fact, we estimate that an important part of the growth of the first few months of the year will be explained by this “rebound” in the sales in retail and some services.

On the political front, the Executive’s capacity to implement its most radical economic and political agenda has continued to weaken this month. This is a result of three factors: 1) the continuing loss of political capital from the population, 2) the weakening in the face of the controlling bodies, such as the public prosecutor and Congress and, 3) the clearly reduced capacity to implement public policy.

Nevertheless, the sustained deterioration of public management and high regulatory risk at the sector-level continue to limit investment growth, both in the private and public sector. Likewise, low investment levels limit the recovery of quality employment, which, when added to high levels of inflation, continues to curb families’ purchasing power.

In summary, the events of the first few months of the year have been in line with our prospects in terms of the health crisis and politics, which leads us to maintain our forecast of a low economic growth of 3% for 2022. However, there are still some risks that continue to generate uncertainty about the economic outlook, such as a potential presidential impeachment or an escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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Improvement trends consolidate and new risks emerge on the horizon

Last month, we identified four pieces of good news for the business environment: (i) lower prices of certain imported goods, (ii) lower political risk, (iii) improved business confidence, and (iv) some stabilization in local financial variables. 

The honeymoon period ends, but the government remains relatively stable

Six months into the administration, signs of an impending deterioration in the relationship between the Executive and Congress are starting to surface.

Four positive developments in the business environment

After a challenging start of the year, characterized by social conflicts and heavy rains, the Peruvian economy has begun to show signs of recovery, albeit at a slow pace.

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