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Political outlook


An Executive that’s more and more vulnerable, but surviving

This month has been marked by key milestones which are making the Government’s position more vulnerable, only eleven months into term. Among these, the fragmentation of the leading party’s Members of Congress, which is weakening the President’s capacity for negotiation in Congress, and the progress in the investigations by the Public Prosecutor into the president and his circle.  

Another important milestone is the approval of the ruling to return to bicameralism and congressional reelection, which has a high probability of getting approved at the Plenary, since it was supported by a majority in the Constitution Committee. Its approval could generate incentives in a sector of Congress to favor a scenario of interruption to the president’s mandate, whether through early elections or impeachment.

Moving forward, the election of the Congressional Steering Committee will be key for scenarios in the medium term. The election of someone to convene and reconcile could give Congress new momentum, as well as refresh its image which is currently worse than that of the Government.

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Head of Political Analysis


A un año del inicio del Gobierno de Pedro Castillo, más de la mitad de los consumidores limeños se considera en crisis económica

Luego del primer año de gobierno del presidente Castillo, en julio de este año, el Índice de Confianza del Consumidor para Lima Metropolitana de APOYO Consultoría e Ipsos (Indicca) alcanzó un nuevo mínimo histórico ubicándose en 31 puntos.

Tres de cada cinco ejecutivos perciben estancamiento o desaceleración en la demanda actual

La última encuesta encargada por APOYO Consultoría a Ipsos Perú sobre la percepción de desarrollo y situación económica del país reveló que 2 de cada 3 peruanos perciben que el Perú está retrocediendo. Este es el mayor porcentaje registrado en los últimos 31 años.

2H2022: Marked moderation of the economic growth rate

There are three recent dynamics that are defining the business environment. First, mining production has continued its downward trend in 2Q2022. Second, the purchasing power of the majority of families has deteriorated. Third, investment has been affected by the high political insecurity and the deterioration of public management.

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